An Idea for a Foundational Business in our Community, Mt. Clemens.

The Greenspace Café is the marriage of a “holistic cardiologist” (that is an oxymoron) and a healthy sustainable diet. There is one location in Ferndale and another opening up in Royal Oak. Dr. Joel Kahn has put his money where his mouth is. The pricing is a little on the expensive side, but the value of quality is there with a deep philosophical underpinning. This is a restaurant we need in our community. But could it survive in the present state? I doubt it. Not with the way the city supports current businesses. Not with the current chamber of commerce. To get an already successful business like this into our community there would have to be a commitment to business like we have never seen. This is a cutting edge business on the edge of both medicine and nutrition. Our citizens and the communities round about us need this kind of high quality business. We already know the business model is successful. We as a community with the surrounding communities would have to guarantee its success. Because if there is failure, it is entirely because of location, location, location. A wearisome story of this city. See you at Greenspace. My wife and I are going there for dinner tonight.

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Why is there not a coffee shop in Mt. Clemens?

An independent coffee shop in many communities is a magnet for social activity. Why is there not a coffee shop such as this in our community. There is one small coffee shop hidden in the center of town and a Tim Horton’s on Gratiot which is in a very sterile location, not much atmosphere. There is not much room in this Tim Horton’s and it is not easily accessible. We did have Che Cosa but it moved to outside our city limits. There are three Starbucks, a Tim Hortons, a Dunkin Donuts and a Bigby Coffee all on the outskirts of town. I ask the rhetorical question, why do we not have a sustainable large coffee shop in the middle of 17,000 people? Port Huron has the Raven which is an independent coffee shop that is the jealousy of many a community, a real jewel. Why did Che Chosa move to Clinton Township just outside the city boundary? Perhaps folks should to talk to John and get his opinion if they do not already know. Detroit in its revival has scattered coffee shops around town that are supported by locals. Why is there not a coffee shop in Mt. Clemens as these?

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Yes, it is an epidemic!

I have been saying for years that there is an opiate epidemic in this country. I put it on the level of a national security issue because the source of Fentanyl has been identified as China. To lace heroin with fentanyl is to guarantee folks are going to die. Pharmaceutical opiates are like pouring gasoline on the fire of drugs abuse and addiction. The fire is the underlying issue of drug prohibition. This country had its 14 year experiment with alcohol prohibition which has been proven to be a failure. And here we go again, prohibit all drugs but the greatest killer of all, alcohol. Prohibition does not work. We need to eliminate the prohibition of drugs (as Chile and Portugal) have done, bring it in to the realm of regulation and focus on prevention and treatment instead of criminalization which fuels vast revenue streams to lawyers, judges, law enforcement and prisons. With the elimination of the prohibition of drugs must go strong messaging that keeps our youth and their developing brains from drug use. Our children need a pure mind as it is developing to give them the best chance in life and not experience situations that can set them back severely in life.

The attached article from the Journal describes the lawsuit the county with other communities as an attempt to cut one of the heads off the hydra of drug use, abuse and addiction. Another head or two or three that needs to be addressed is the elimination of the prohibition of drugs. This is the root cause of the overall drug problem in the US that has been festering for decades. The War on Drugs is an absolute failure. We need to view drug use, abuse and addiction as a primary health problem and not a primary criminal issue. This will lesson the stigma which will make it easier for folks struggling with the problem to get help and support.

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Four arrested following assault on sheriff’s deputy

I appreciate law enforcement each and every day. I am the kind of person who waves to each and every police car that passes me whether I am walking or driving. I try to show my support for the tough job they have whenever I can. I give law enforcement my outmost respect.

The following article is from the Journal about an incident involving policing in our community.

I use the following article as a litmus test against all police incidents that I read about:

It is an editorial written by a policeman/lawyer. It emphasizes the three most effective weapons police officers should rely on: #1 time, #2 distance, and #3 humanity. I will add #4, because I know the officers in our community rely on it because I have witnessed it many times:  “a show of force”, the key word being “show”, that is, having multiple police officers at a situation to show force but not necessarily use force. I can explain to any in a personal conversation my many experiences witnessing police actions in our community. I can tell you for a fact is has been many dozens of incidents I have witnessed.

There are three observations that disturbed me as I a read the article.

  1. The area a North Walnut Street and Jones Street is “a well-known drug area”. STOP! The law abiding citizens of Walnut and Jones Streets have to put up living in this area labeled “well-known drug area”. For an area to be labeled as a “well-known drug area” there would have to be drug activities for years and the citizenry with children would have to put up with this environment for years. There is a technique in the quality profession called the “5 Why’s” to get to the root cause of a problem. So I ask, why, why, why, why and why??????? What is the root cause and why cannot anything be done to take care of the root cause. What is the root cause? Would this be acceptable activity if city officials lived in the area.
  2. Why did this officer when there were four subjects in the car not use the weapon of time and distance to wait for backup? Did he put himself unnecessarily in danger?
  3. If the Macomb County Sheriff’s overriding policy is show of force whenever possible, why did it not get followed in this situation?

I am not writing this piece to criticize, but for government and in particular law enforcement to get better. I do not want to see our police or citizenry unnecessarily hurt or worse.

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A prosecutor’s vision for a better justice system

I am in agreement with Adam Foss’s vision for a better justice system. Our form of government was established as imperfect. It is seen most clearly as less than perfect for its tolerance of slavery and treatment of the indigenous peoples. It is every generation’s responsibility especially leadership to make the government handed to them better when they leave. In this generation we are in danger of leaving government in worse shape than when it was handed to us, both parties being responsible. We must focus on the continuous improvement of the quality of everything about government andmake it  better. The link below is Adam Foss’s vision for improvement of the justice system:

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Quality Hero of Heroes: Rachel Carson and Upton Sinclair

I have read the writings of some that we do not need “the continuous improvement of quality”.  I have heard to put blind trust in science. I have heard that the industrialists are benevolent (Ayn Rand and objectivism) and have the greater good in mind. I have heard that we need more government to our solve our problems (when government and industry often colludes). I do not know how an accurate understanding of the modern world can be reached without reading a classic book like Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. He wrote a book that would wake the public up to the horrors of the turn of the 20th century mass producers’ meat packing industry. The awakening would result in the creation of the FDA to begin, and I mean to begin to protect citizenry from poisoning and killing of unregulated industry. We could also learn about Rachel Carson, a lady who fought a good fight to the death against the indiscriminate pollution of our water and its wide ranging effects in particular DDT. How the chemical company’s railed against the truth she declared. She wrote a book that woke the public up called Silent Spring, how we could wake up one spring morning and no longer hear the birds. Thanks to her the sight of the bald eagle, our national symbol can once again be seen in all fifty states. They and many other birds have been rescued (but not taken entirely out of danger). For those of us who depend on a watershed (Clinton River and Lake St. Clair) for our vitality we should be well informed about the havoc industry and government will heap upon us, if we the people do not make a stand against them and force them down a path of what is right. To understand how much government does not care about our water all I have to write is western US uranium mines and a little research will show the scope of the problem government heaps upon us. Is it any wonder that cancers and other diseases are skyrocketing in numbers.

PS. We need a new management method to control this thing called scientific hyper-mass production, because left to its own devices, it will play havoc on the life of this planet. I practice and promote the Deming Management Method (14 Points) with a map of theory called the System of Profound Knowledge with a focus on the continuous improvement of the quality of everything. There are people who practice intuitively at least part of the philosophy Dr. Deming espoused, and have wonderful results. Candice Miller in her first year in office is cleaning up water as well as a portion of the corrupted political machine in Macomb County. The Deming Management Method (14 Points) with the SoPK is the only universal, holistic management method I know for the modern world to assist controlling the military-industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about and give us the best chance for sustainability in the modern world.

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Unbelievable, Macomb County spent millions on frivolous lawsuits before Candice Miller took office

Before Candice Miller took office Macomb County Public Works was wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer’s dollars each year in frivolous lawsuits. They have now been all settled out of court for far less than the lawsuits were asking. The slate has been wiped cleaned for Macomb County taxpayers. Macomb County is finally getting its act together and it took a newly elected, principled Publics Work Director to clean house – a courageous women leader. She promised clean water and clean government and she is well on her way there with the first year of her taking responsibility for the position. Great job, Candice Miller. She is also cleaning up the water and her team recently found a major sewage leak at the Warren bypass. Again, great job to Candice and her team.

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