Fiber Optic Installer Contractor Hits Gas Line on Church Street between Wilson and Moross St

WHERE ARE OUR CITY INSPECTORS WHEN WE REALLY NEED THEM? It would seem to me large scale contractors are getting free passes, even to the point of putting the community in jeopardy. Anecdotal information passed to a citizen on Friday afternoon from a gas company employee voiced concern over the safety practices of the fiber optic installation contractor working in our neighborhood, and lo and behold, look what happens on Monday. The employee stated that the contractor was drilling holes farther than what they should have and gas line markers were set up months ago but not redone. The markers were long since removed. Where is city leadership? There is a double standard with the inspectors, one for the citizens and one for contractors doing large scale work within city limits. This should not be. This is putting our neighborhood in jeopardy. Citizens should be properly warned about contractor work being done in our neighborhoods. This is repeatedly not happening.


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The Vast Majority of City Leadership is not Worthy of the Citizens and Small Businesses that Continue in the City

The greatest efforts to keep this city going have occurred in the neighborhoods and among the small businesses that have remained committed to the community. Individual people maintaining and improving their properties with no help from the city. Folks with the effort, commitment, dollars and taxes we pay into this city deserve better leadership. What do the small businesses get for their commitment? A water rate increase. Why. Because the mayor and city commissioners say that they can afford the rate increase and thus, you can. It is not the one rate increase in which I have a problem , but the repeated increases in general year after year with no corresponding  increase in quality of life in the areas city officials can have an effect on. Was there any uproar from the city for the millions of gallons of sewage that flowed through the river with the 15 Mile Sewer Collapse? Nary a wimper. There needs to be a call for a federal investigation of this longstanding issue. Systems need to be fixed and if necessary folks need to be held accountable. There is constant complaining about stagnant revenues with no growth because we are a tax based landlocked city. The city will not think outside the box and sell the water front (with public access of course). The water front wherever there is municipal growth on water is largely enhanced by waterfront development and improvement. Denise Metzer is the only one I have heard talk about selling this prime real estate. You see, folks, we need people thinking outside the box. And we need more than Denise. The 7-0 and 7-1 votes should be rare if non-existent votes and especially when it comes to imposing a higher financial burden upon the citizens and businesses. There should have been much more disagreement. This is not democracy in practice but dictatorship or monarchy. One leader with yes people. We need to stir up the pot for the next election. We need new leadership, unorthodox to take Mt. Clemens to the next level.

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More on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is the number one offense in our community. It is often fueled by the misuse of drugs ( which includes the deadliest of all drugs-alcohol). Where there is drug abuse and addiction there is mental illness. Where there is mental illness there is drug abuse and addiction and there is a root cause. A major cause of these issues is child sexual abuse. To confront this issue we need to be educated. The light of days needs to be shines upon this issue to dispel the cover of darkness where these evil deeds are committed. Law enforcement and the judicial system also need to be educated. There is much ignorance about child sexual abuse. The lines of sexuality should not be crossed by adults upon children. There is a natural development of sexuality that must be adhered to.

The following article is the honest and courageous admission of a man to speak up against the abusers of this world and for the weak, the defenseless, our children especially. Let this article be the start of our education. The abusers are not the easily recognizable persons in the trenchcoat, but are typically those whom we trust, friends, relatives, betrayers.

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Why Can’t We Resurface Miller Street?

Bring in a grinder. Grind a few inches of asphalt from the top to level it, and resurface the street. I guarantee you the mayor and city commissioners do not have to put up with a daily ride down  a street like Miller. How would they like their street to be in the horrendous condition Miller Street is between Cass and Church Streets? But alas, they do not have to like it, because their streets will not look like this. Why don’t they let Wilson Street regress into the condition of Miller Street. The people of Mt Clemens amaze me as most put money into their property and continually improve their dwelling with no help from the city. Property values have gone up but this is because of the finances and hard work of the citizens alone, not the policies of city government. Miller is not the only street that needs an upgrade. Why can’t the people who live on the poor conditioned streets have the city do something for them that is lasting. Fireworks and parades are over in a couple hours. Street re-pavement is lasting and will increase the valuation of the properties for the citizens. After all the citizens pay, pay, pay and get very little back in return for their investment.

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Blight is an Indicator of Why We Need New Leadership in the City


Mount Clemens citizens need a new mayor and new commissioners with the exception of the one member who voted against the recent residential water rate increase.

From the Detroit New headline of April 3, 2006, “Mount Clemens tackling blight”. This article focused on the house that use to be at 80 Moross St. taken down through the benevolence of a citizen and the will of another. It had absolutely nothing to do with city officials with one exception, the commissioner who oppose the current residential water rate increase. I will give you a hint, here first name is Denise. The city did nothing for years after repeated citizens complaints. The city inspectors wrote up citizens based on the complaints of the man who lived at the now vacant lot, “Mr. Mt. Clemens”. I will call him Mr. Mt Clemens because by the basis of their  decisions city officials would like a city full of the likes of him. He should have had constant violations for over 20 years, but was taken to court two maybe three times. He knew how to play the system and the system and the political machine of this city let him play the game. He use to go to the city commission meetings to legitimatize himself and was praised for his eloquence. Un-fricking believable! The only way 80 Moross St is a vacant lot is the benevolence of a citizen with no help from the city. Am I repeating myself, very well, I am repeating myself. In fact the city did whatever they could to hinder the process of demolition including giving a citation to the address during the teardown process. See photos below:

IMG_1358 IMG_1359

The second article as shown below is from the Macomb Daily, dated 2006. What a joke – Mount Clemens urged to fight blight. Really. Perhaps they meant they would fight blight in another city. Citizens urging the vast majority of city officials to do anything and to think something is going to get done, is a figment of the imagination. They will do nothing unless a prominent citizen demands it, or they can get their name in the paper. Folks, read these newspapers articles of over a decade and realize you have been hoodwinked. We need change in city government or it will be more of the same. The votes will be like this,  Self-Serving Government 6; Citizens:1; or 7-0. Guess who gets their way, not you, my fellow citizen. Why should we let cities like Utica and Ferndale prosper while we mire in complacency. What makes Ferndale and Utica thrive while we struggle to stock the spread of vacancies? Vibrant leadership. We need new blood. City leadership is anemic. There needs to be a transfusion of new leadership. Those who want to see not more of the status-quo, but a city government that follows the efforts of the citizens. The citizens and their efforts have kept this city alive. Small business that have stayed here for the long run have continued to give the city mouth to mouth resuscitation, while city leadership has steps on the chest of the patient.



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Domestic Violence is the #1 Crime in Mt Clemens

And the greatest percentage of the perpetrators are men. It is not exclusive to Mt. Clemens. As the article states a description commonly stated of an abusive alcoholic is he is such a nice person when they are not drinking. Let’s understand the psychology here. There could be remorse which itself overcompensates when not drinking with a person pleasing personality. There can also be the divide and conquer strategy where the person abuses a spouse or other and acts nice to others. This is only to cover their abusive behavior which borders on psychopathic. You see folks, these abusers of people are psychopathic criminals who will say and do anything to keep themselves out of jail, where justice is often swifter and fairer than in the court system. Most of us until we experience this type of personality cannot relate to a person like this. It is beyond our compensation. Just call these people out and you will see their true colors. Lets begin to decrease the number of incidents of domestic violence in our community. If you have a problem reach out and get some help if you an abuser. Use a 12 step approach similar to AA. Go see a therapist. Do something. If it takes jail to stop you, so be it, go to jail. After all, the person that abuses wife and/ or children is a criminal.

PS. Perhaps if the prohibition of drugs was eliminated, police focus could be on these abusers.

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City Government Leadership Needs New Blood

I am still pondering the City Commission Meeting of June 5th, 2017. Wasn’t that a real controversial meeting that raised residential and commercial water rates. The vote barely sounded different than roll call, except for Denise Metzer – one vote against  the residential rate. She did vote for the commercial increase.

I have an idea. Why doesn’t the mayor and the board meet and agree upon all agenda items prior to the meeting, hold roll call and consider all issues agreed upon. Is not this incredible, the mayor and almost all city commissions agreeing on all  issues right across the board. How about a little old fashion disagreement. Just like the old adage accredited to Einstein states, insanity is doing exactly the same thing expecting different results. There is a reason a city like Ferndale has been experiencing a renaissance for the last ten years, why Mt Clemens stagnates: oing the same thing, expecting different results.

Well, if the willing reader examines this blog, there will be criticisms and there will be suggestions. I suggested bringing the Farmer’s Market to the center of town to capitalize on a GLOBAL MOVEMENT. There are rumblings in city hall of a $2,000,000 bond issue to make an enclosed shed for the market. Let’s bring the market to city center yesterday and see if that will provide an impetus for growth to the surrounding businesses, rather than make a $2,000,000 crap shot.  Lets do as many good things as we can as we bring the market to heart of the city. Mt. Clemens at this point is time is no Royal Oak, Detroit or even Rochester. Rochester has reserved a parking lot behind the center of town for its Farmer’s Market. It has not made the jump to an enclosure yet. So what is Mt Clemens doing that is more of the same? Same all political mumbo-jumbo. This is a call for new blood – a new mayor, a new city attorney, new commissioners. The status-quo have had their generation and the result is stagnation for several years now. They have no answers. But perhaps if there is new blood, the old blood out of spite would resist change, instead pursing what is better for the town in a spirit of cooperation – young and old putting their minds and hearts together. Of course it is time for the young to lead and the elderly to give their counsel and other gift in support of new efforts.

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